Light bulb[2024-05-14] GPT-4o is now supported. Extreme fast!

Slack + ChatGPT,
Start from JPY1100 yen per month. (inc. tax)

AI-Sebas is a service that allows you to easily use ChatGPT on Slack.

Flexible and effortless support from single-person use to company-wide deployment

Payment can be introduced only for actual users, starting at 1,100 yen per person per month (tax included).

Includes a 14-day free trial, click here to install.

Why is AI-Sebas convenient to use ChatGPT on Slack?


Easy introduction and simple operation

ChatGPT is available for conversations with AI-Sebas apps in the familiar Slack environment.


You can continue the conversation in the reply thread

With AI-Sebas, each thread recreates the previous conversation, so there is no need to repeat the conversation with the same content. Even old threads can be resumed from there.


Let's welcome AI as a project member!

You can even mix and mingle with other users, making online meetings with AI as a member a reality right out of the box.


ChatGPT (OpenAI) account can be used as your company's account.

Of course, personal accounts are acceptable. The content of the conversation will not be routed through another company's account. You can also use your own AI model with Fine Tuning if you want to change the options. Get your own Slack+ChatGPT.


We assume no responsibility for any incompleteness, inaccuracy, or inappropriateness of information or responses provided by the AI due to the limitations or underdevelopment of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology. Users are advised not to rely on the advice or information provided by AI, but to act on their own judgment and responsibility.